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What can a social media management agency do for your brand?

A great Social media marketing strategy starts with a phenomenal social media management agency. We will start with an audit of your company’s social media accounts, and then develop a social media marketing strategy that fits your budget and goals. At The Launch, we will monitor your brand, utilize content marketing, engage with your customers, and report back to your company on the implementation of our social media marketing strategy. The Launch is a social media management agency, so we stay up to date on the most current social media marketing trends. We will ensure that your clients start on your social media channels, and end up as an up-tick on your bottom line. We know the best strategies for social media marketing and can't wait to share them with you.


The first step to social media marketing is setting strategic goals. We set a great social media marketing strategy that aligns with your social media budget, and use key metrics to track progress.


The Launch helps you choose the right social media channels based on your brand's specific needs. We have strategies for Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and every channel that your brand wants to be on. After all, we are the best social media management agency in Minneapolis.

Creative Content

We pick the best content across the web; video, articles, infographics, and custom branded content. The Launch truly does content marketing like nobody else. You will be seen as an industry leader in no time.

Engage Your Customers

Engaging with your target audience through your social channels is important. Think of it as a conversation with your main buyers. By using The Launch, we will give your brand the positive exposure it deserves amongst your target audience and make sure you are killing your social media marketing strategy this year and every year that follows.


We watch social media trends, gauge the performance of your posts, and monitor your companies page. We run a social media audit of your accounts on a weekly basis, so you know how your page is performing, and make the necessary adjustments to the strategy.

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