State Fair Oreo

State Fair Oreo
When I think of Summer, I think of Oreo’s. I keep going back to a simpler time when I was a kid. Summer, for me, meant the end of a school year and the start of something wonderful. It’s almost unexplainable the feeling you get as the weather starts to warm and all the flowers, plants and trees are fully in bloom. Your mind melts away the worry’s of homework, book reports, and worst of all getting up before 10:00 AM. For this writer three things will always stick out in my mind; my first kiss, Oreo Cookies, and the Minnesota State Fair. Since this blog post is for the #myoreocreation contest, we will have to save my first kiss for another time; I digress.

A Box of Oreo’s for the drive
For me, the State Fair was the pinnacle of the Summer. It was the last hurrah before we all had to head back to school. The State Fair was about an hour and a half drive, so we usually got one full day there. I vividly remember ALWAYS getting a full box of Oreo’s for the ride up. We would eat the Oreo’s as we imagined ourselves riding the Ferris Wheel, eating a corn dog and following it all up with a delicious funnel cake. That’s why I chose the idea of the State Fair Oreo, a blonde and blueberry infusion that I’m sure will leave you feeling nostalgic, innocent, and content down to the last one in the package.

The Breakdown:
Let’s start with everyone’s favorite part; the Oreo filling. Inside this spectacular cookie, we have a vanilla buttercream filling on par with the light bodied taste of a delicious funnel cake fresh out of the deep fryer. The buttercream is combined with a blueberry cream cheese that creates a swirl, sure to leave you famously splitting them apart and licking the inside. All of this is sandwiched between Oreo’s infamous blonde cookie.

So there it is #myoreocreation.

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