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Best Chrome Extension for SEO

Email Hunter: Your all in one tool
I don’t usually do product reviews, but when I do, it’s for Email Hunter. Email Hunter is a tool that I am always going back to. The title of this post is “Best Chrome Extension for SEO,” but in reality, it should be “Absolute Best Fucking Extension Ever.” Here is your basic step by step guide on how to use it.

1. Start using Chrome (Pro Tip: if you aren’t using Chrome or the amazing extensions you can download it then I can’t help you…and God have mercy on your soul)
2. Download the Extension Email Hunter (you can find it here)
3. Hunt Emails!
4. *not really step four, but this is a free tool by the way

It’s that simple. Here is a picture from the popular website, as you can see I have hunted ten emails off one page.

Best Chrome Extension For SEO

A screen shot from

Email Hunter cross references emails using other sources and selects the email that fits the person with a confidence level. You can see in this picture that I have found Brian Berge who owns Insight Brewing Company. I love the brewery and have always wanted to work with him! His email is You can see where this would be a valuable tool for anyone looking to generate more leads for their business.

the best chrome extension for SEO

This is a screen shot of a brewer I email hunted in Minneapolis, MN.

Here are some of my favorite ways to use this tool:

1. Hunting leads
I will repeat the above process and cold email the individuals that I have found on Email hunter. I will usually drop something in the subject line about how I love what he/she is doing (sorry this post isn’t about the best way to send a cold email, so I digress).
2. SEO
SEO is all about backlinks to your website. How do I pick up backlinks to my site? I search a popular site/blog and hunt the editor’s email. For all the examples I am using it’s better to send an email direct to the person you want to talk to rather than to right?!
3. Mentorship
I have found dozens of people willing to help me out in my business by cold emailing them. With this approach, I try to either be incredibly humble (ask for help because I’m a newb), or I try and provide some value to the potential mentor.

These are just a few examples, but I think you get the point. You can use this extension to find a personal email, what you do with it from there is up to you!

Good Luck Hunting!

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